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Economics Meets Data Science: Finite Mixture Models - A Christmas Story

Merry Christmas! ¡Hola! I'm Juan, researcher and economist at DSOC's SocSci Group. I hope you're having a great end of the year. This time I'm contributing to Sansan's Advent Calendar, so this is a Christmas edition of Economics Meets Dat…

Economics Meets Data Science: The Structural Estimation Series Part IV

Hola Again I’m DSOC’s Juan. It's been a while. Shockingly, it's September now (can you believe it!). I'm a big fan of astronomy since I was a child, and this year I got many chances to watch the night sky. The Perseids meteor shower was vi…

勉強会「Econ Fiesta」を実施しました

こんにちは。DSOC R&D研究員の小松です。DSOC R&Dの社会科学グループSocSciに所属し、経済学の知見を日々の業務に活かすことができないか日々思索しているホモ・エコノミクスです。本ポストでは、2020年8月28日にSansanとサイバーエージェントさん共催で実施…

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